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Pure Distance Golf was founded by Rob Harrand, a unique athlete with truly world-class athletic ability.

Rob is a certified Titleist Performance Institute Golf Instructor, a former World Long Drive Competitor with a 147 MPH swing-speed and personal best drive of 426 yards. He is a 2 x Major League Baseball Draft Pick (LA Dodgers and Philadelphia Phillies) and a former Pitcher with the Philadelphia Phillies, possessing a 96 MPH Fastball. Rob is also a 6 x International Basketball Slam Dunk Champion with a 44 inch vertical jump.

Today, Rob specializes in helping golfers all over the world increase their swing-speed and distance by using the very system he used, to go from swinging 112 to 147 MPH in just 12 weeks.


Rob developed the “Pure Distance Golf (PDG) System” by taking everything he’s learned about speed and explosiveness playing other sports, and applying it to Golf and the Golf swing. The results have been extremely positive. Clients are gaining 15 yards in 30 min and 45+ yards in 12 weeks.

At the heart of the PDG System is an array of conventional and unconventional mental and physical training methods, with a distinct focus on shutting off the mind. After years spent analyzing the human body and movement, working with some of the most accomplished strength coaches in the world and testing the latest sports-science trends, Rob came to the realization that one of the most overlooked factors in maximizing speed and power is simply shutting off the conscious mind. The PDG System consists of several training implements that enable you to do just that. The result is instantly faster swing speed and more distance than you ever thought possible.

Rob looks forward to working with you and seeing the look on your face when you see what the PDG System does for your game.

Thanks for taking the time to read.

All the best!

"I get my athletes to shut off their mind and perform at a near subconscious level, so their bodies can move as explosively as possible".


Driver - Epon AF 105 - 9.5*
Fairway - Epon 205 - 15*
Irons - Epon AF 302/Personal 2 combo set.
Wedges - Epon Tour - 52, 56, 60
Putter - Epon i33 Limited Edition
Ball - Bridgestone B330 Tour



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