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With Drive 400. Golf's # 1 Swing-Speed Program.


Swing Faster.

Drive Further.

Feel Better.

With the Drive 400 Swing-Speed & Distance Program

If you’re looking to add serious swing-speed and distance to your game, improve your strength and athleticism and prevent injury, there is simply nothing like Drive 400 in Golf today. It’s a state of the art swing-speed program developed by TPI Certified, World Long Drive Competitor, former Philadelphia Phillies Pitcher and 6 x International Basketball Dunk Champion, Rob Harrand. Rob has taken everything he’s learned about speed, explosiveness and injury prevention playing other sports and applied it to Golf. The results have been outstanding. Clients are gaining 10-20 yards in as little as 10 days.


The results are great, and I am just beginning. I tied for first in my last tournament, and have gained 10-20 yards through the bag, The other thing is, I feel better all over. My posture is improved, my flexibility is better, my back hurts less and I finish a round of golf feeling much less tight. I can't wait to see what 6 weeks will do!

Chuck Schreiner, PhD

Los Angeles - 8.2 Index

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Why Drive Truly 400 Works

4 Programs in 1

Nutrition & Recovery 

You can put in all the work in the world, but if you’re not paying attention to your nutrition and sleep, you’re never going to get the most out of your potential. This guide will help you maximize your performance through proper nutritional intake, improve your energy levels, speed up your recovery and better your sleep, with some very easy to follow tips and methods.


Never before seen mental and physical swing-speed drills designed to shut off your mind and make you swing at an optimized athletic level. These drills will greatly increase your range of motion, power output and athletic ability. You will be freed from any mechanical thoughts, therefore maximizing pure explosive power. You'll wonder what the heck you're doing and then you'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner. Expect to see dramatically improved swing-speed, distance and ball-striking.


Prepares you for a round of golf or range session. You will notice increased range of motion and swing-speed, improved motor patterns, tissue quality and blood flow. You will also begin to notice shorter recovery times and greatly reduce your risk of injury.  Several clients have gained more than 5 mph after one session.

Strength Training

Comes with absolutely everything you need to transform yourself physically, including a Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced program, 3 and 4 day training splits, strength and range of motion assessments, med-ball power exercises, multi-plane core exercises, a forearm and grip strengthening program and much, much, more. Expect to see eye opening club-head speed and distance improvement and a much more resilient (and attractive) body.


There's Something for Everyone

Whether it be the swing-speed program, the total-body strength training program, the soft tissue, flexibility and mobility program, the pre-round warmup routine, the med-ball power program, the grip strengthening program, the mental & physical swing tips or the nutrition, energy and sleep guide, there is something for everyone in Drive 400. Best of all, Drive 400 is modular. You can choose to follow Drive 400 in its entirety or you can pick and choose the areas you want to focus on. It’s totally up to you.

 Mental and Physical  Optimization.

Not only will you will gain a complete understanding of how to maximize swing-speed and distance physically (hardware) you’ll learn how to maximize your swing-speed, mentally (software). If mentally the way you conceptualize swinging a golf club is incorrect, or you don’t have the proper “intent" prior to swinging, you’re leaving swing-speed and distance on the table. In other words, If your mental “program” is “off”, you’re never going to see what you’re capable of physically. Adjusting a golfer's mental program can illicit physical changes instantly, without the need for hours and hours of drill work. And that’s exactly why you’ll increase your distance fast, with Drive 400.



Unlimited Online Support

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Any Time. Anywhere. Any Device. 

Drive 400 is accessible any time, anywhere, on any device. Mac or PC.

4k Video Library

Every strength exercise and swing drill is recorded in Ultra HD 4K video.

Money Back Guarantee

Follow the program for 60 days. If you're not satisfied, you get your money back.

Swing-Speed Guide

Learn key swing-speed tips to maximize swing-speed and distance

Free Lifetime Updates

Every strength exercise and swing drill is recorded in Ultra HD 4K video.

Beginner to Pro. Player or Coach. Any Age.

As a single digit handicapper I’ve struggled to find areas of my game that I can improve to help reach my goal of becoming a scratch golfer. Pure Distance Golf allowed me to uncover a number of weaknesses in what I thought was an already powerful swing by helping me develop better flexibility, core strength, power, tempo, and velocity mechanics. What I have now is a much more powerful swing that has allowed me to step over the ball with complete confidence for every shot and club in my bag. My handicap has reached the low single digits and I owe a lot of the improvements in my game to Pure Distance Golf. Whether you’re a low to scratch handicap player, or an amateur who is very new to the game of golf, Pure Distance Golf will help your game reach new levels without the cost of a swing coach or personal trainer.

Cory Rondeau - 3 Index


Drive 400 

Swing Faster. Drive Further. Feel Better.

10+ Yards. 10 Days


Try Drive 400 out out and see for yourself

The Bottom Line

Whether your goal is to increase swing-speed and distance, improve your ball striking, lower your handicap, become stronger and more athletic, prevent injury, eliminate pain, or simply feel better and improve your overall health, Drive 400 will absolutely help you get there. Guaranteed. For the price of a round of golf, it truly has the potential to change the way you feel and play… forever.

The Best Value
in Golf

There’s as much quality content included in Drive 400 as programs costing literally five times the price. Drive 400 is a $250 value for only $49.95. 

  • ROM Self Assessment

  • Swing-Prep Program

  • Swing-Speed Program

  • Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced Strength Training Programs

  • Explosive Med-Ball Program

  • Multi-Plane Core Strengthening Program

  • Grip Strengthening Program

  • Post Workout Protocol

  • Nutrition, Energy and Sleep Guide

  • Flexible Scheduling

  • Swing-Speed Tips

  • 4K Online Video Library

  • Free Lifetime Updates

  • Unlimited Online Support

  • Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device - Mac or PC

10+ Yards. 10 Days


Try Drive 400 out and see for yourself

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