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"The results are great, and I am just beginning. I tied for first in my last tournament, and have gained 10-20 yards through the bag, in only 6 weeks. The other thing is, I feel better all over. My posture is improved, my flexibility is better, my back hurts less and I finish a round of golf feeling much less tight. I can't wait to see what another 6 weeks will do!"

Chuck Schreiner, PhD.
8.2 index - Los Angeles, CA

"I've been doing this for several weeks now and I'm a club longer if not more with all my irons, and my driver is 15 yards further (measured and compared with my GPS). I've never been a big hitter, but in the last 2 rounds my playing partner have commented how much further I seem to be striking the ball.I don't feel like I'm swinging any harder or faster, if anything I am try to feel like I swing slower. Well worth $50."

David B.
Munich, Germany.

“The program is extremely well thought out and thorough. I'm 4 weeks in and I've already gained 25 yards off the tee.
My ball striking has also really improved since I feel way less restricted.”

Evan Anderson - 12 index
Montreal, Canada.

Drive 400 is a program that will help anyone, regardless of age, lead a healthier and more athletic lifestyle. For me, the program distinguishes itself through its in depth instruction around aspects such as preparation, diet, and off-course body maintenance. Rob has done an amazing job at illustrating how certain facets of wellness relate to specific areas of the golf game. He has laid out the program in a way that has allowed it to be comprehensive as well as completely manageable. As he says, you absolutely get what you put in, hence it is up to the initiative one wants to take under its guidance. The program has greatly improved my golf game, and I strongly recommend it to anyone that gets out to the course at least somewhat regularly.

Petar Jivkov
Santa Barbara, CA

Rob, thanks for a great value programme. I've noticed a difference just doing the foam roller and mobility exercises alone, can't wait for decent weather to add in the swing speed work, confident I can find an additional 5-10 mph. Current swing speed is 90mph.

David Young - 9.2 Index.
Rotterdam, Netherlands

Ive just finished my second workout and already I've seen a small bump in swing speed. I bettered my previous 3 months high on GC2 w/HMT after a few days stretching and swinging with a little bit of power work. I actually am starting to believe that another 5 mph is possible! Maybe even 10mph in 6 months or so.

Robert Y.
San Francisco/Honolulu

As a single digit handicapper I’ve struggled to find areas of my game that I can improve to help reach my goal of becoming a scratch golfer. Once my friend, and founder of Pure Distance Golf, Rob Harrand introduced me to his product I have no doubt found a breakthrough in my game. Pure Distance Golf allowed me to uncover a number of weaknesses in what I thought was an already powerful swing by helping me develop better flexibility, core strength, power, tempo, and velocity mechanics.  What I have now is a much longer and powerful swing tempo that has allowed me to step over the ball with complete confidence for every shot and club in my bag.  My handicap has reached the low single digits and I owe a lot of the improvements in my game to Pure Distance Golf”. Whether you’re a low to scratch handicap player, or an amateur who is very new to the game of golf, Pure Distance Golf will help your game reach new levels without the cost of a swing coach or personal trainer.

Cory Rondeau
3 Index

This is a much needed program that will not only improve your swing-speed (I'm up 8 mph) it will improve your athletic ability and fitness. Everything is well laid out, clear and concise and there is a ton of content which makes the $49.95 price a bargain. Highly recommended! 

Ethan Anderson
Toronto, Canada.

My son is 12 years old and a 3 handicap. He is a very accomplished player that has won over 50 tournaments in just 4 years of competitive golf. He has also played in the World Championships twice. He hits 78% of fairways and can swing the driver at 93 mph. Drive 400 has greatly improved my son’s balance, footwork and body motion. It has also given my son a great soft tissue and stretching workout that has helped prevent injury and promoted flexibility.

Bob Hiller

This is a wonderfully constructed program that fills a void. Even as a long drive competitor, I've gained 4 mph of swing speed and 12 yards of distance in a short amount of time. I really like how you can adjust the program to your own needs. There is something for everyone and the price can't be beat. If it cost $250 it would still be money well spent.

Eric Thomas
Charleston, South Carolina

As someone in the nutrition and fitness industry, I purchased this program with a discerning eye and I've come away thoroughly impressed. There is a lot of valuable material included (strength and power training, nutrition program, swing-speed exercises, pre-round warmup routine). I only just started with the foam rolling and mobilities and already my swing feels more effortless. I haven't measured my club-head speed yet but after going through what Rob calls "Swing-Prep", my range of motion and ball striking has definitely improved and I feel totally ready to swing the club by the first tee, instead of by the 12th. 

Luke Derkson
San Diego, California

I am a 62 year old male, who thought he was in good shape. Started the program January 2 and have completed 25 days of the Soft tissue and mobility work followed by the strength training for the legs in preparation for a total knee replacement. First week of the soft tissue work I thought “how can this hurt so bad”? I could not even complete the mobility program “squat“, “lunge” routines. Now after 4 weeks I feel great, a lot more energy... lost 8 lbs....and can complete the mobility work no problem. Will start the swing speed in March!

Great program, feel a huge difference... the program was well worth the money. keep at it!

Michael Kane
Long Island, NY

I suffer from chronic pain and have back and hip mobility issues from a recent motor vehicle accident and Rob's program has been amazing. Haven't been able to get into all the speed training just yet but the strength program as well as all the mobility and soft tissue work has helped me tremendously. On top of that, Rob has been easily available and willing to answer questions/ Have already recommended it to a friend who has bought the program as well. It's a no-brainer!

Lawrence H.

I have been doing the Strength Program for 2 months now during the winter and I feel stronger now than ever in my life, especially in my upper core.  The program was easy to follow and just takes a little dedication of time and determination.  Rob explains concepts in short practical terms and has unique insights that separates Drive 400 from other exercise routines. This increased strength is really exciting from a golf and life standpoint as I just turned 52.  This program is a no brainer and the best money I have spent on myself.

Andy Greenwald


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