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Rob Harrand

Pure Distance Golf was founded by Rob Harrand. Rob is a 2 x Major League Baseball Draft Pick (LA Dodgers and Philadelphia Phillies) and former Pitcher with the Philadelphia Phillies organization. He is also a certified Titleist Performance Institute Golf Instructor, a former World Long Drive Competitor with a 150 MPH swing-speed 6 x International Basketball Slam Dunk champion. Today, Rob specializes in helping golfers all over the world increase their swing-speed and distance by using the very system he used, to go from swinging 112 to 150 MPH in just 12 weeks. 


The PDG System

Don't Think. Instinct.

Rob developed the “Pure Distance Golf System” by taking everything he’s learned about speed and explosiveness playing other sports, and applying it to Golf and the Golf swing. At the heart of the PDG System is an array of conventional and unconventional mental and physical training exercises that focus on instinct, reaction and silencing the mind. The result is instantly faster swing speed and distance, with a reduced risk of injury.

Drive 400 is a program that will help anyone, regardless of age, lead a healthier and more athletic lifestyle. For me, the program distinguishes itself through its in depth instruction around aspects such as preparation, diet, and off-course body maintenance. Rob has done an amazing job at illustrating how certain facets of wellness relate to specific areas of the golf game. He has laid out the program in a way that has allowed it to be comprehensive as well as completely manageable. The program has greatly improved my golf game, and I strongly recommend it to anyone that gets out to the course.

Peter Jivkov - Santa Barbara, CA

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