There is no sport in which one does not benefit from strength training. Golf is no exception. As important as a fundamentally sound golf swing is, it's only part of the equation. No golfer will realize what he’s truly capable of without utilizing a finely tuned, professionally designed, custom strength training program. It’s an absolute must in Golf today and has the potential to completely transform your game. From maximizing swing-speed and distance to vastly improving ball striking and accuracy, preventing injury and improving your overall health, this a program for any golfer who is serious about getting the absolute most out of their potential.


This is not your typical cookie cutter workout program. This is a totally custom strength and conditioning system that is 100% tailored to your individual needs. There is no guesswork here. There is a reason behind every aspect of your program, with the goal of providing you with a unique blueprint to surpass even your loftiest expectations as a golfer… and that’s exactly what you will get.

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The most important part of any custom strength training program is the assessment. Without a proper assessment, it’s impossible to provide you with the program you need. Every aspect of your programs design will be based on the information and data you provide to us, via our PDG Assessment Questionnaire. From sex, age, height, weight, body type, injury history, goals, workout experience, time to commit, schedule, season, nutritional habits, supplementation and sleep patterns, to strength levels, mobility, stability, flexibility, postural alignment, bone structure, musculature, tissue quality, coordination, balance, proprioception, etc, we leave no stone unturned.

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Once we complete the assessment, you will receive your personalized Strength Training Manual. This manual is the foundation for your entire program. Everything you need to maximize yourself physically is contained inside of it. You will gain access to an entire online library full of exercise demonstrations, recorded in beautiful 4K resolution. You can access the library anytime, on any device, anywhere… forever. Mac or PC. Your manual also comes with weekly training splits that you can either view online or print off and take to the gym, as you follow along for each session. Your personalized manual takes all the guesswork out of the equation and simply guides you, step by step. All you have to do is follow the instructions and put in the work. It’s as simple as that.


We understand everyone’s schedule is unique and that’s exactly why our custom strength program comes with options. We include 2, 3 and 4 x week strength training options, making this resource conducive to any training schedule. In-Season or Off-Season, we have you covered!

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Our # 1 priority is keeping our clients healthy. If you’re not healthy you simply can’t play your best. This program will help to eliminate any pain in your game, whether it be back, shoulder, elbow or anything else. We take the time to really assess your unique situation and formulate a program that will getting you swinging pain free. Whether it be a strength deficiency, a soft tissue, mobility or instability issue, we have you covered.


Compared to other sports, Golfers don’t warmup properly at all. Our Dynamic Warmup Routine is the ultimate tool to prepare your body to workout, hit the range, or play a round of golf. It’s a total-body dynamic warmup routine comprised of soft tissue, mobility, muscle and nervous system activation work. You will notice improved tissue quality, improved range of motion, far less aches and pains, and much greater resilience to injury.

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We try to keep things simple by sticking to free weight exercises. Your body doesn’t get assistance in real life, so we try to limit the use of machine assistance in the gym. Compound exercises recruit the most muscle groups, require stability, build and enhance a foundation of strength and power and save you time.


All of our custom strength programs come with integrated med-ball training exercises, that focus on developing pure explosive power. Not only are you going to get stronger, you’re going to get faster. A lot faster, resulting in more distance with every club in the bag.

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Core strength is massively important in generating club-head speed and staying injury free. We include a spectacular core stability and core strengthening program that targets all areas of the core including the anterior, posterior, lateral and rotary core, for complete coverage in all planes of movement.


Grip strength is very important for all sports and Golf is no exception. All of our custom programs come with an integrated Grip Strengthening Program used by world long drive athletes and professional baseball players. This will increase your power and speed through impact and greatly reduce any chance of elbow and wrist issues.


Not everyone should stretch, but if we determine stretching applies to you, this program will take you through the most effective stretches for maximizing your range of motion. You will learn exactly when to incorporate stretching and when stretching can actually be detrimental. Lastly, learn why most golfers should not not stretch their back.



Learn several key points that will help you optimize your strength gains, recovery time and mental motivation to get the most out of your training and hard work.


You can put in all the work in the world, but if you’re not paying attention to your nutrition and sleep, you’re never going to get the most out of your workouts. Nutrition and sleep matter… a lot. They are both massively important to energy, performance and recovery. We evaluate all aspects of your lifestyle (eating, supplementation, sleep, etc) and design a program that will improve your nutrition intake and better your sleep habits with some very easy to follow tips and methods. The goal is for you to work as hard in the kitchen as you do in the gym and on the course.

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The program manual and videos are accessible anywhere, anytime on any device. Mac or PC.


We make a point to be readily available to all our clients. If you have any questions or concerns, by all means, feel free to contact us and we will get back to you ASAP. We’re here to help.

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Whether your goal is to improve swing-speed and distance, ball-striking, prevent injury, become more athletic or simply look and feel better, a professionally designed, custom strength training program is key. Pure Distance Golf Custom Strength Training Programs will get you on track, keep you on track and completely transform your physical capabilities. They are like nothing else in Golf today. Guaranteed.


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So What's The Process?

It's very simple. There are 3 easy steps:

1. Choose your program option.

2. Once purchased, you will instantly receive our Strength Training Assessment Questionnaire in your inbox.

3. Fill out the PDF Questionnaire as best you can and email it back to us. It will provide us with everything we need to know prior to creating your Custom Strength Training Program.

That’s it! Within 48 hours you will have the most effective Custom Strength Training Program in Golf today. You will be well on your way to improving distance and accuracy and reducing your risk of injury.

Does It Matter If I'm In Season or Not?

No. Our custom strength programs come with flexible training schedules that are super easy to tailor to your individual needs. In season or off season, we will work together to plan your workouts around your schedule, whether it be practice, rounds or travel.

Do I Need A Gym Membership Or Special Equipment?

Yes, unless you have an at home gym that mirrors most commercial gyms.

What If I Don't Have Access To The Proper Equipment?

Don’t worry, we will include exercise modifications if need be.

Will This Program Screw Up My Swing?

Absolutely not. Quite the opposite in fact. By strengthening your body and improving your athletic ability, range of motion and coordination, expect your swing and ball striking to improve significantly. 

Can I Trust You With My Payment Info?

Absolutely. All payment processing is handled by Shopify and everything is encrypted using SSL. You also have the option of using either PayPal or Stripe, two of the worlds most popular online payment methods today. Each of these handle millions of dollars per month. You’re 100% safe and have nothing to fear. Guaranteed.

I Have A Question You Haven't Answered Here

We try to make a point to be readily available to all our clients. If you have a question or concern, please feel free to email us directly at and we will get back to you asap.


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